Miss Supreme America 2019


Jasmine Johnson, 19 years old from Tennessee, is your new Miss Supreme America. She goes to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, majoring in Pre- Nursing.


She told us she has always enjoyed performing or helping out with performances. In high school she was in theatre and choir. The first two years of her high school career her mind was focused on performance, but as she entered her junior year of high school, she started exploring more areas of theatre. When high school ended she took a year off to focus on her studies, but throughout that year she realized that she love to perform and wanted to find something else that would allow her to do just that, so that’s why she decided to give pageants a try.


With the title of Miss Supreme America, Jasmine would like to advocate against domestic abuse towards women. She would like to see more of a decrease in domestic abuse that women face. She believes that going to elementary or middle schools and talking to the children about domestic abuse that women face and what that means it may help us achieve this decrease.


When asked what accomplishment she is most proud of so far, she says that creating a ten minute play, about the Nashville Sit- ins, with a group of girls (Zaniah Harris, Celinia Copeland, Carrisa Conely, and Brianna Guydon); they took the play to compete in the regional and state Tennessee History Day Competition and they placed second and first place. However, placing is not what she is most proud of though, it is the fact that she was able to learn about this subject and transform it into an entertainment piece was rewarding enough.


Jasmine says that her inspiration is her mother, Melina Johnson. Her mother has been with her through everything, she has attended every concert and play Jasmine has been in, no matter how small the role. She is the strongest person she knows, and she aspires to have her strength.


Some of her hobbies include learning, especially learning the Spanish language and the culture.

She loves listening to music and discovering new songs and artists. She also enjoys researching about skin care and hair care. She likes writing short excerpts and poems about how she feels or about past events. And of course she loves hanging out with her family and friends.